• 20 Acres, Unit 540, Tract 16

    PERFECT FOR HOME SITE OR WEEKEND CAMP SITE! SUNSETS ARE AMAZING. ONLY 5 MILES FROM PAVED FM 1111. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER! America's Best Buy! Own and control almost 2 million square feet of land with $0 Down. Great for hunting, camping, R/V's, home site or simply hold as an investment. Real Bargain!

    America's BEST BUY!! Cannot beat location & value. Proximity to City and Interstate 10 is excellent. Growth area, as there are many developments in the County. Very low property taxes, ONLY $100 per 20 acre lot. You can control many, many acres  & Money Back Guarantee! What else can you ask for?? Own land now while prices are still low but on the rise. Suitable for living or simply hold for an investment. Buy land from Sunset Ranches, you're BBB A+ Rated developer. 

    Buying Instructions: If down payment is $0, ONLY THE FIRST MONTHLY PAYMENT IS NEEDED TO PURCHASE the land, your Credit or Debit card will be charged at the end of the check out process. Future monthly payments will be mailed or payments can be made on the website.

    Special Offers!

    SAVE $3,000 by making a ONE-TIME principal payment of ONLY $388!!
    SAVE $5,000 by making a ONE-TIME principal payment of ONLY $588!!

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    Down Payment: $0
    Monthly Payment: $168
    Sale Price: $19,800