Owning your own property is certainly one of the biggest aspects of the uniquely American Dream.  Ownership comes with intangibles such as pride and the ability to pass something on to your family. It is with these principles in mind that Sunset Ranches has West Texas ranch for sale to people just like you – who’ve always wanted their own plot near the Panhandle.

The Path to Land Ownership

The good news is that Sunset Ranches is a land development enterprise that specializes in making affordable parcels of land available to the average person. The range of options available is such that you can plan almost any use for the land – from the optimal 20 acre plots to build a family home, to the huge 100 acre plots that are tailor-made for the ranch of your dreams.

All around your new place is the scenic Texas countryside, which spans to the horizon in some directions. Your Hudspeth County neighbors are a convenient stone’s throw away on their own large plots of land, and you’re located right next to highways that lead to El Paso or Van Horn – both large cities with all the amenities of modern society.

Hunting and Farming on Your West Texas Ranch for Sale

As one of the nation’s leading hunting destinations, you can be assured of a spirited season of tracking Gemsbok, White-tailed Deer, desert Bighorn and others. Even if you’re not the biggest hunting aficionado, you can lease your plot to incoming hunters when the seasons begins; running from November through February of the following year.

Your ranch-land can also be used for camping, and as a base for hiking the many storied trails of the Texan landscape. Many land-owners bring along a camper or R/V to enjoy the full range of experiences that the outdoors have to offer.

Sunset Ranches is happy to assist you in learning more about the 20 to 100 acre tracts of land we sell in Hudspeth County – all of which have, of course, been recorded and officially surveyed. Our representatives are standing by to help you start bringing the dream of land ownership in West Texas to fruition. Call today!

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