Purchasing ranch land in Texas can be a good way to plan for the future, and it can allow you to get some enjoyment out of your investment now. There are plenty of ways that a bare plot of land can be used, but it's important to understand what needs to be done in order to make sure the land you buy is a good fit for your plans, as well as your budget.

How Much Texas Land is Enough?

This really depends on how much you want to spend and what you are planning on doing with the land. Most Texas land for sale listings are, at the minimum, around 15-20 acres and they can go up to thousands of acres. For anyone looking for a nice piece of land that they would use for hunting, small-scale ranching, or as a building site, 100-200 acres is probably all you would need, any more than that and it starts to become expensive if you are not using it to generate income.

What are the Financing Options?

While you can use a traditional loan to purchase Texas land for sale, some sellers offer in-house financing which can be very advantageous to a buyer. Generally, this means that no money is due at closing, and you can take ownership of the land immediately, including making improvements and building structures. Depending on the amount of land you would like to purchase, your monthly payment could be fairly low, below $140 a month. 

How can the Land be Used?

Texas has laws that are very hunter-friendly, allowing landowners to take a significant amount of game from their own land. While many people purchase land strictly for hunting, it can also make a great place to camp, either in an RV or in a tent. Some people enjoy the wide open space of their land by creating ATV or motorbike trails as well. Those interested in building a retirement or vacation home on their land can do so fairly easily since utilities are already nearby. Ranching and farming are also options, especially if you plan to live on or nearby your land.