If your dream is to own a property where you can hunt, then you should consider purchasing Texas land from Sunset Ranches. Their owner financing plans and acreage packages, combined with over 30 years of experience make a smooth and professional real estate transaction work in your favor. Owning land is a great investment, and helps you avoid the fees you may be charged if you hunt on property owned by other people or companies.

What To Expect

The Texas land sold by Texas Ranch Deals is located in Hudspeth, in West Texas. The wide open views include grassy stretches, hills, scenic landscapes, and mountain views. Permanent access to your property will never change as long as the roads are dedicated, and all tracts of Texas land for sale are surveyed and recorded. Hunting, hiking, camping, farming, and ranching are all permitted on these ranches. And, if you want to build a home on your property, you are permitted to do so.

Hunting Seasons And Game Types

  • Woodcock - Regular season is mid December to end of January
  • Snipe - End of October through the first half of February
  • Sand Hill Crane - End of October through the end of January
  • Rails, Moorhens, Gallinules - Last half of September through December
  • Hares and Rabbits - Open season and no limit
  • Quail - End of October through the end of February
  • Pronghorn - During the first half of October, only one permitted
  • Mule Deer - End of November through mid December
  • Javelina - Season begins on the first of September and goes through the end of August of the following year, you are permitted two per season
  • Duck - Begins around the first part of November and ends January 31 of the following year

Owner Financing Details

Texas Ranch Deals is offering 20 acre lots for $0 down, and only $128 per month ($16,900.) Ranch packages that are 40 acres are also $0 down, $198 per month ($25,900.) The largest land packages are 100 acre lots that are $0 down, $438 per month ($49,900.) Texas Ranch Deals is rated "A+" by the Better Business Bureau, and has been serving customers with a skilled staff for over 30 years.