How to Select Texas Acreage for Your Intended Land Use

If you’re in the market for owning prime real estate, then there’s no better time than now to start realizing that dream. Sunset Ranches is a land development company that holds many tracts of Texas acreage, for people who’ve always wanted their own ranch, farm, hunting grounds, camping/hiking spots, or simply a place with mountain views on which to establish a dream home. Indeed; the tracts of Texas land are large enough – even on the lower end of acreage – to support a multitude of functions each.

The Available Acres

The range of acres sold starts at 20 with the smallest plots; this can support the main home of any size, along with an adjacent guest house and expansive front and backyards. To get an idea of the size, consider that an average city block is four acres, which means your property would encompass five blocks, at a length of 70 yards per block. At 35 acres, the land is plenty large enough to provide roaming space for multiple cattle and is the size that a rancher would likely start out with.

The Texas acreage you procure can also be used for expansive business operations. At 100 acres, ranchers and farmers prosper; having enough space to implement anything they need. Game hunters also prefer the larger sizes, all the more to encompass a greater variety of species for the hunting months of December to February. A lot of times, owners lease these lands to the throng of out-of-town hunters that start arriving in late November.

Close to Major Cities

The Texas acreage sold by Sunset Ranches gives you the best of both worlds; the ability to remain as close to Nature as possible and major highways connecting to large metropolitan areas such as Van Horn and El Paso – El Paso is under 50 minutes away, for example. Enjoy the wide-open spaces south of the Panhandle, and take advantage of the city services minutes away.

How can you get your hands on your dream of establishing roots in West Texas? Call Sunset Ranches to learn about the industry-leading terms offered; which includes $0 down, owner financing options, minimal to no qualifications and more. Offer your children their very own land (someday) on which to camp, go hiking, hunt and build. Our specialists are awaiting your call.