Purchasing land is an invigorating feeling, because so much of what you buy tends to be transient in nature. By buying acreage for sale in West Texas, you acquire a piece of this nation’s history in one of its most important states. Furthermore, you establish a legacy on land that your offspring can enjoy interminably – whether you choose to build on the land or use it as a stream of income.

Understanding Parcel Sizes

With the ability to buy land squared away with venerable land development experts like Sunset Ranches, the next question you need to answer is how much land should you get? Acreage for sale in West Texas is sold in a range of sizes, starting with 20 acres, in variable increments up to 100 acres. You don’t want to purchase too much, which might tax your ability to manage the land – although this wouldn’t stifle your ability to profit from it if you decide to become someone who rents it out.

Twenty Acres of Texas

The 20-acre parcels tend to be very popular because of the financing options available and the reasonable size of the parcel. It’s more than most people think, in fact; 20 acres is equivalent to nearly 60 city lots, where each lot can hold more than a dozen parked cars. You could squeeze almost 20 regulation football fields into your parcel, which means there's plenty of room for multiple large homes or ranching buildings.

Other Acreage Options

Acreage for sale in West Texas goes way up the ladder to 100 acres, which is preferred by people who have industrial plans. You can acquire just about any size in-between, making all aspects of your dream a possibility. Twenty acres is great for building a home, 40 acres tends to easily support an R/V camper, with plenty of land left over for hiking and exploring. And 100 acres is usually used by hunters, farmers and ranchers.

The above is a loose guideline for making sure you’ve got the acreage to suit your intended lifestyle. Contact Sunset Ranches to learn more about what’s available; there are dedicated experts to answer all of your questions. Grab the acreage for sale in West Texas while it’s still available!