Financing is a common question to ask about when you are considering buying property. It can be daunting and sometimes confusing, which is why we offer simplified, owner financed land in Texas. By offering financing in-house, our BBB accredited, A+ rated business is able to sell ranch properties at a lower cost per acre. In turn, this makes ranch ownership a more affordable proposition for our clients. It is just one more way we help our clients achieve their dream of owning the land where they can bring their dreams to life.

Financing is Fast & Flexible

Buying owner financed land in Texas means you don't have to spend time haggling over sales prices, navigating bank paperwork, and negotiating interest rates. This saves time, money, and frustration. It is a straight forward transaction that is fast and simple to complete.

In addition to being fast, financing is flexible. There are no prepayment penalties and buyers may pay off their parcels as quickly as they desire. When you buy property from Sunset Ranches, you can choose to increase your monthly payment or make as many extra payments you choose. Over time, this strategy will reduce your interest payment by a considerable margin.  

Bigger Bang for the Buck

Sunset Ranches buys large tracts of land that we can then break into smaller parcels. This creates a significantly lower cost per acre. These savings allow us to offer larger parcels of land to our clients at a lower price. Moreover, because we buy only quality properties, it means that the long-term value of our ranchland is considerably higher than similarly priced parcels available on the open market.  

Payments are Easy

We make making payments a simple process. Our safe and secure online payment system is easy to navigate and set-up. Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card. These payments can be paid manually on the day they are due, or put on autopilot so that you never have to worry about missing a payment.  

We invite you to contact Sunset Ranches at 888-777-2759 for more information about our owner financed land in Texas. We will be happy to go over the details of our financing plans and show you the ways our financing programs make it easy to build the ranch of your dreams.

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