Fulfill the American dream of not just owning your own home, but owning your own estate. Sunset Ranches "struck oil" when they acquired what many refer to as the last untouched frontier in the nation. Property abounds in West Texas.  Picture wide open skies sprawled above high prairie lands. The beauty of this virgin land is rivaled only by the southern hospitality of the good folk lucky enough to call Hudspeth County home. 


Location, Location, Location

Located just east of El Paso, but miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Hudspeth County is a rural dream come true. Sunset Ranches divided its hundreds of acres into handpicked lots, each boasting their own amenities and natural features. Lots range in size, have been surveyed and recorded, and are accessible via public roadways.


Serenity Now

Imagine wide breadths of picturesque, wide open countryside. A Lone Star sun drops slowly behind distant hills.  The quiet beauty of this land seems transported from a simpler time when families gathered together daily and communities were strong.


To Do List

Because of the warm climate, a wealth of wildlife and picturesque properties, these lots are perfect for building a:

  • Cozy log cabin;
  • Rambling ranch estate;
  • Private hunting reserve;
  • Classic farming homestead;
  • Series of hiking trails;
  • Open-sky campsite; or
  • Retirement dream home.

Family Value

If you think owning a sprawling homestead on a picturesque frontier in an ideal location comes with a ten-gallon-hat-sized price tag, think again. Sunset Ranches offers amazing financial incentives to help make each customer’s dream a reality. Thanks to options like those listed below, you can nab an unbelievable property for a steal. Sunset Ranches offers:

  • Great land value
  • $0 Down
  • No Qualifications
  • Owner Financing
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Catch of the Day

There is no catch. Sunset Ranches is a leading land development company, with incredible offers on west Texas property. They boast a BBB A+ status and over 30 years of experience. Their passion is transforming ordinary folk into ranching royalty. Sunset Ranches offers top notch service from the first call to closing to building and beyond. Their successful business is driven by the happiness and prosperity of clients past, present and future.  

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