They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to land, this is certainly true. Individuals who are seeking to acquire their own real estate are often surprised at the large amount of acreage for sale in Texas.

While it’s fine to have a small lot at a lake where the fishing is good, there is just no comparison to owning a large plot of land in an area that gives one a real sense of freedom and ownership. The immense size of the state of Texas and its large open areas, especially in West Texas, provide buyers the opportunity to pick up property with 50 to 500 acres and more at affordable prices.

The Advantages of Large Properties

The great thing about owning more than a few acres of land is the many opportunities it presents. On larger parcels of land there owners can choose to create a remote and secluded hideaway or provide hunting and fishing opportunities for family and friends.

Instead of just looking at the acreage for sale in Texas as a personal retreat or long-term investment, many people also see a business opportunity in their purchase. Properly planned and leveraged, much of the acreage for sale in Texas can generate current and long-term income.

The larger the acreage purchased, the more possibilities are open to the owner. Just a few of the potential opportunities to generate a return on the investment include:

  • Leasing a portion of the property to local farmers for planting crops such as wheat and corn
  • Growing hay and having it harvested for sale or personal use
  • Providing and collecting fees for grazing rights for local livestock on parts of the property
  • Creating and managing a herd of cattle, from a few head to many
  • Building storage units for leasing and rental, especially near lakes and hunting areas
  • Developing the land over time, selling off some portions while owning and/or living on other portions of the property
  • Establishing a “gentleman’s farm” that offers enjoyable work and significant tax advantages

Whatever the purpose in acquiring significant acreage for sale in Texas, many owners find their purchases present a very rewarding long-term financial and lifestyle investment. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Texas Ranch Deals can help you find just the right parcel of land to meet your personal objectives. Contact them today.