Purchasing cheap land in Texas is fairly easy compared to buying a house or getting a conventional loan. Unlike most places east of the Mississippi River, or on the west coast, land prices outside of major cities are reasonable since the terrain is more suited for ranching as opposed to farming. Most people can derive several benefits from owning this kind of land including:

  • Using it as a place to build a vacation or retirement home.
  • Camping on it throughout the year.
  • Having a place to hunt or raise cattle.

Building a House

Just because the land is cheap does not mean it is unsuitable for a home. Those thinking about retiring in the near future could easily build a house on their plot of land and enjoy the relatively mild climate in the winter. The cost of living in rural Texas is low compared to most places in the U.S., and even though you're in the country, you're still no more than a couple of hours' drive to a major city.


A plot of cheap land in Texas can be a perfect place to camp either in an RV or in a tent. Though other people may be nearby, campers are still extremely spread out compared to a normal campground or RV park. Since you would own the land you are camping on, there would be very few restrictions on what you could or could not do, especially since you would be so far from highly populated areas.

Hunting and Ranching

Perhaps the biggest feature for many land owners is the idea that they will have a place to hunt game such as deer and wild hogs. In most areas of the country, strict individual tag counts are enforced on just about every type of animal. In Texas, you can generally take as many wild hogs as you want, and landowners can get multiple deer tags for animals taken on their own land.

For those who want to live near their land, ranching is an option that provides revenue for the owner without needing to do a lot of work. After the land is fenced off there are few other costs other than purchasing the cattle. Sale barns are abundant in west Texas, making the commute to sell your cattle relatively short.