Living off the land, owning your own farm, manning a team of cattle – Is what was once a standard way of life now an obsolete dream? Not so, thanks to Sunset Ranches. Sunset Ranches has procured prime Texas farm and ranch lands in the heart of the Lone Star State. 

Ride Off into the Sunset (Ranches)

Just an hour from El Paso but worlds away from the hustle and bustle, these West Texas farm and ranch properties offer the best of both worlds. Each curated space is surveyed and recorded and easily accessed from dedicated public roadways. The 20- to 100-acre lots (that’s as large as 20-100 football fields!) feature fertile plains and mountain views one has to see to believe. Because of the proximity to cities, moderate climate, richness and diversity of wildlife and unbeatable scenery, properties are ideal for:

  • Farming
  • Ranching
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Retirement
  • Much more!

Wide open homesteads home to fertile soil and year-round sunshine—these picturesque properties beckon modern-day pioneers eager to thrive within a simpler life. 

Farm in West Texas for Eternity

With fertile soil and wide open spaces, West Texas is a national agricultural leader. Tidy rows of white fluff and waving grain sheltered by a horizon of mountains paint an idyllic rural picture. The plains of West Texas also beckon aspiring ranchers. Texas Ranch Deals' Texas farm and ranch properties are handpicked to create ideal conditions for both crops and livestock. The good folks of Texas Ranch Deals consider it their honor to usher in a new generation of farmers and ranchers.

Family Values

Sunset Ranches’ West Texas properties offer some of the best values in the nation. With Sunset Ranches history of offering top notch land at great prices, it’s no wonder their financial incentives are unsurpassed. Consider this list:

  1. $0 Down
  2. No Qualifications
  3. Owner Financing, and a
  4. Money-Back Guarantee

Thanks to these and other stress-free financing options, Sunset Ranches makes it easy to embrace a dream lifestyle. 

Sunset Ranches

For over three decades, Sunset Ranches, a prime Texas land company, has served the region, bringing families together on their unbelievable properties. With a BBB A+ rating, a reputation for quality and value, and a dedication to supporting clients from start to finish, Sunset Ranches transforms ordinary city folk into successful landowners. Call today to discover the best years of your life with Sunset Ranches! 1.888.777.2759