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El Paso Texas Sights and Sounds

The wide expanse of El Paso, Texas countryside is a stark contrast to the lights of Houston, San Antonio or Austin.

It’s kept its southern charm despite being one of the more well-known Texan metropolises. Located in West Texas, where there’s still plenty of land development going on as demand rises in this beneficial real estate period, visitors marvel at the seamless fusion of American and Mexican culture throughout the sights and sounds of the city.

Adventure Beckons in El Paso’s Hueco Tanks State Park

The first thing you notice when approaching the Park on Hueco Tanks Road 1 is just how steep and majestic the age-old low mountains are, looming in front of the Texas skyline. For rock-climbers – novice and advanced alike – it represents a bouldering challenge that isn’t daunting, but is considerable.

Far from being merely a rock-climbing athlete’s dream, many people trek to far West Texas’ Hueco Parko to sight-see, bird-watch, have family picnics under more stars than are possible to see in any city, and take part in a self-guided tour. There are dozens of pre-set campsites for your convenience. This gives you a chance to survey the natural rock basins.

El Paso Cuisine

It should come as no surprise that Mexican cuisine is strongly-represented in this American city. Especially since Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico is right across the border. Not only will your taste buds delight to Mexican cuisine, living in this region will expose you to a variety of tasty food from different cultures. This includes Greek cuisine, Italian, good old-fashioned American, and others. A few of the more highly-rated eateries are:

  • Burger Theory Restaurant – if the reviews are to be believed, they’ve got burger-making down to a science. The deliciously huge, farm fresh burgers should really count as two meals, stuffed with a variety of requested additions. It doubles as a bar for a good night out.
  • Julio’s Café Corona – you can’t go wrong with their healthy servings of chicken enchiladas, fresh fried bass and a Mexican pork dish that has garnered rave reviews.

This represents just a smattering of the more populated parts of expansive El Paso. There are plenty of other places to visit that highlight the legacy of some of the first settlers in America. If you want to make El Paso part of your daily lifestyle, Texas Ranch Deals is a land development company selling land to help newcomers to El Paso realize their dream of home or land ownership. Contact our representatives for more information at your earliest convenience.