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Set Your Sights on West Texas Hunting Land

The wind is calm as the sun gently rises over the horizon. You calmly sip your coffee from the comfort of your blind when your quarry appears over the distance.

With patience and restraint, you wait as the animal moves into range. When everything is aligned just perfectly, you take your shot. It is a tale you will tell over and over again as you regale your guests beneath the mount which hangs majestically above your fireplace.

Hunting Opportunities in West Texas

West Texas hunting land presents a number of opportunities for hunting wildlife. The area is home to White-tailed Deer, Elk, Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Oryx, Coyote, and the occasional Javelina. If you are looking to aim your sights towards the sky, you will see plenty of Dove and Quail to take aim at. The populations of these species are highly dependent on precipitation. The more water that falls from the sky, the more wildlife populate the region.

Hunting Licenses in Texas

The State of Texas requires anyone who wishes to hunt to obtain a hunting license beforehand. This includes individuals who are hunting on their own property. However, the state does make exceptions for coyotes and feral hogs that are threatening property or attacking livestock. Licenses are easy to obtain and cost only $25 for residents. For seniors and youth, that fee is only $7. The state also offers a “super combo” hunting and fishing license that can be used throughout the year. You will have plenty of money leftover to purchase the shooting, archery, and fishing supplies you need to make your hunt memorable.

Seasons vary throughout the state for each species you may want to hunt. As such, you will want to plan your hunts according to the latest information from the Texas Department of Wildlife.

Owning Your Own Texas Hunting Land

The best thing about owning your own land in Texas is that you can hunt whenever you please. You can pick the best spots, set your own blinds, and sit back and wait for the right moment to arrive. The team at Sunset Ranches can help you choose the ideal place for your next hunt. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the ranch land we have available and the hunting stories we have heard from our satisfied clients.