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Purchase the Western Land You’ve Always Wanted

There’s been no better time than right now for buying dream parcels of land out in the Great American West.  Parcels are available now from Sunset Ranches.

They have everything anyone could want in the way of scenic vistas, rugged countryside, and quiet serenity. Each parcel is easily accessed by public roadways which provide permanent access. Prime real estate in Hudspeth County, Texas is now being offered in lots sized between 20 and 100 acres, mostly El Paso land, in the area surrounding the legendary city of the southwest.


Sunset Ranches is a land development company which has a mission to help anyone who is truly interested in securing a piece of the American West realize their dream of becoming a landowner. The west Texas properties being sold by Sunset retain the same untamed splendor they’ve had for hundreds of years.  But these parcels can now be owned by anyone with a dream!


The financing aspect of making a purchase from Sunset Ranches is the most amazing part of it all. With zero money down, anyone can own a 20-acre parcel for less than $150 per month! To realize even greater savings on this magnificent El Paso land, buy 40, 60, 80, or even 100 acres, and get a Texas-sized bargain! For only about $400 per month, someone could own 100 acres of fantastic real estate in western Texas. Because these awesome lands are owner-financed, there won’t be any hassle with banks or other lenders.


Many of these parcels are situated near electric lines, so a cabin could easily be built and run off electricity. Retirees and other permanent residents could relax and live full-time in the rugged western countryside. Hunters can travel in with RV’s, parking right on the property for any duration, and making it a regularly scheduled visit or vacation.

This beautiful country provides the perfect backdrop for hunting, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. Anyone thinking about trying their hand at ranching has the flexibility to buy as big a parcel as necessary to start up operations. No matter what the intended usage is for, buying one of the great lots from Sunset Ranches is the perfect way to have dreams fulfilled.